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Help, advice and common questions
As we refine our services and processes this page will update to reflect the latest changes.

Our company can get your book into print, our services will ensure that you have a print worthy copy ready to print.

Got a great story, but need help with grammar, flow and punctuation?

We are happy to provide ghost-wrtiting services, as well as proof reading and editing.

Our recommendations as follows, you should first send yourself an email with the attachment of the documents and keep both the sent and received items carefully.

This establishes you as the author, and gives you a date stamp, some piece of mind. Next, send us your requirements and we will send you a contract and description of services offered, with payment terms.

Then to discuss marketing and move forwards we ask you to sign our NDA then with the formalities out the way you can be assured we will work on your project to your satisfaction.

A full scale marketing campaign will cost upwards from 400 pounds per month, we can of course work to any budget and will advise accordingly.

Just want to write?
Let us do the rest, we can provide a full suite of services from ghost writing to legal deposits and printing services. Find out more within our website.

A British publisher for new and undiscovered British authors, we can promote your works for you and use our contacts to build your revenue streams.

A range of services to suit your needs
Nothing beats a good read, we aim to assist as many new British authors as possible.

We take the pain out the final steps of getting published.

Let, our editorial and writing staff proof read and edit your book.

We can design the cover, format the pages, provide press releases, and editorial coverage,
landing pages, social media announcements, and much more, letting you get on with your next great work of art.