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Are extremely popular and can be bundled in marketing promotions, even connected to income generating phone lines. The market place has plenty opportunity for those willing to go the extra step and provide audio books.

To hire a professional narrator and retain copyright, can at first glance seem extremely expensive, with quotes for services running into thousands of pounds.

Professional narrators need not be too costly , lesser known narrators charge typical prices from 20 pounds per hour and more estabished narrators will command much more.

We are happy to source a suitable British narrator for your audio book.

We can format your book for ebook distribution on multiple channels. - alternatively, we can provide a word document suitable for conversion by yourself.

Publicity campaigns are best done on an indivdual consultancy basis, the amount and scope of costs depends on budget, at a basic level our services can equip you with all the tools you need to get started by yourself, full services include, landing pages, links, websites, tweets, facebook announcements and press releases.

 contact us for a personalised consultation.

    As a UK Publisher we submit our works to the legal deposit libraries.

    This needs a minimum of 6 copies printed the cost of which will depend on the size, bindings, paper quality and pictorial / photographic content of the book you publish with us.

    If requested we can of course submit additional copies to libraries of your choice, this can be used to market your new book and can be beneficial to your success.

    When utilising our services we will assign your book one of our ISBN numbers. An ISBN number is needed for each format and revision published, the ISBN number is essential in getting your book catalogued and indexed.

Advanced marketing and distribution services
Spicy plurals media provides a full range of publishing and marketing services for new and aspiring British authors.